Welcome home to Fraser Hill Farm, a family business that is rooted in delivering you high quality home décor to make the best days of the year a little more special.

When we launched in 2015, we wanted to create lasting Christmas trees that families could keep year after year. The unboxing of our artisan trees mark the beginning of a wonderful season. Family members lay under them on quiet evenings and our trees house presents until they are ready to be opened on Christmas mornings.

When the brand grew in 2018, we responded to our customers' requests for unique Christmas decorations that complimented their trees, and their lifestyle.

Throughout the years, we've come to love having a place in your home. Because of that, we wanted to expand our seasonal offerings so we could be a part of your celebrations all year long.

In 2019, we launched Haunted Hill Farm, a brand that ranges from frightening inflatables to seriously creepy animatronics, with a few friendlier pieces carefully placed here and there for good measure. We take pride in watching you "mash" in front of our Halloween party decorations, and gather around our harvest décor.

In 2020, we were reminded celebrating the big (and small) days in our homes are precious. That's why we re-launched the Fraser Hill Farm brand complete with a new website along with our spooky sub brand, Haunted Hill Farm.

At Fraser Hill Farm, no matter the season or style, you’ll find a thoughtfully curated assortment of unique holiday décor. We create quality pieces that trim the seasons of your life, because we know each holiday is personal to the individuals who cherish it.

For us, every month brings a new reason for us to celebrate. So, whether you’re looking for spring decorations, traditional Christmas decorations, Valentine's Day decorations, birthday decorations, or even patriotic decorations - we’re not just the best place to buy Christmas decorations these days.

We value the fact that you invited us into the home you’ve thoughtfully decorated, and in turn, we warmly welcome you to join our table. Your feedback and ideas are what brought us to where we are today.

Your reviews and comments on social media mean a lot to us. So, please keep caroling, scaring, and laughing with us.

Whether you’re shopping for that piece to complete the collection you’ve been working on for years, or putting the finishing touch on your current seasonal decor; we can’t wait to celebrate alongside you.

We're here to help!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a question or if you need help with your holiday decor!

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