Premium Life-Size Animatronic Rocking Doll with Light-up Red Eyes, Singing and Talking


Beware of Elvira from Haunted Hill's Premiere Halloween Collection. Elvira is no ordinary little girl. Centuries ago she was abandoned by her parents, and she seeks nothing but revenge. She rides through the night on her old rocking horse as she sways and sings eerie lullabies. Her eyes glow a haunting red, illuminating the darkness with her ominous anger. Even as their flesh rots away, Elvira and her horse continue to search for victims. Elvira's face is frozen in a look of chilling determination. She clutches her horse's handles tightly, unwilling to give up her hunt. Elvira's curled black hair may give her a childlike appearance, but her intentions are far from innocent. Place Elvira by your treats this holiday to give visitors the fright of a lifetime.

  • 38 in. animatronic haunted doll for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Elvira is touch activated - rocks, eyes light up red, plays music box melodies, talks
  • Phrase: (Singing Lullaby) Could you please help me find my dolly? I will find you... You're all going to die... (Singing Lullaby)
  • Haunting cracked and and bumpy baby-doll face
  • Child-like hands grip her rocking horse
  • Ripped dress and shaggy black hair add to sinister appearance
  • Character is fully assembled
  • Plugin: Adaptor : 110-240V UL Adaptor Motor :3W
  • Fabric: polyester blend and mesh overlay fabric
  • 1-year limited warranty

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