Haunted Hill Farm Life-Size Animatronic Talking Clown with Doll with Lights and Sound, Indoor or Covered Outdoor Halloween Decoration


Be very afraid of Haunted Hill Farm's collection of spooky animatronics. These blood-curdling creatures will terrify trick-or-treaters, coworkers, or customers. "Come closer," Wally the Clown will say. With a wide-eyed smile, he beckons this way but beware, Wally does not want to play. Don’t be fooled by Wally’s grin. Whether suspended from his hanging loop or standing upright on his stand, his moving life-sized body will chill visitors to the bone. As his eyes glow a sinister red, they cast light on his dark hair and ghostly pale face. His black lips are stretched in a wide smile, revealing his yellowing teeth. Wally clutches a terrifying doll in his hand. Its empty demonic eyes, fangs, and sharp, slender hands add to Wally’s sinister energy. To add to his deceivingly upbeat appearance, re-position his poseable arms. Reach them outwards to tempt victims near or bend them straight up to give him a petrifying playful look. If not for his blood-stained pantsuit, one could almost think that Wally is friendly. And that’s exactly what he wants. Count on Halloween decorations from Haunted Hill Farm for thrills and chills so frightening, your neighbors will run shrieking in horrendous delight.

  • Haunted Circus Collection by Haunted Hill Farm
  • 64-inch tall animatronic clown with doll for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Wally clutches a terrifying doll complete with demonic empty eyes, fangs, and sharp slender hands
  • Animated clown is motion and touch activated - arms and head move, eyes flash an eerie red, plus he talks
  • Sinister voice and fiendish laugh greet visitors with four frightening phrases
  • Phrase 1: That’s it, come closer. I’ve got something for you, and it’s not a balloon!
  • Phrase 2: Good, run away. I’ll catch up with you later in your nightmares!
  • Phrase 3: Hey, you look familiar. Maybe because I’ve been hiding under your bed!
  • Phrase 4: Oh, did I scare you? Good. You taste much better when you’re scared.
  • Poseable arms bend into a variety of petrifying positions
  • Life-size figure can stand or hang to fit eerily into your Halloween decor
  • Dark hair on either side of head and ghostly pale face
  • Thick black lips stretched in a wide smile that reveals yellowing teeth
  • Blood-stained black and white pantsuit made from faux silk fabric
  • Battery-operated - no messy wires (requires 3 AA batteries - not included)
  • Quick and easy stand assembly

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