Haunted Hill Farm 6 ft. Hanging Clown, LED Blue Eyes, Poseable, Battery, Romero


Be afraid. Be very afraid of Haunted Hill Farm's Haunted Circus Collection. These blood curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, co-workers, or customers. Romero the Evil Clown is far too excited to perform this Halloween? When guests approach his one-man circus, he's quick to begin his show. Romero's eyes flash an unsettling blue as he chuckles with evil delight. That's it, come closer, he beckons - I'd think twice about that. Although he wears a colorful, polka-dot suit, festive makeup, and boasts bright orange hair, Romero's intentions are nothing but dark. Fill your street with shivers as Romero plays creepy circus and taunts each passerby. Hang him above your Halloween treats, from your porch, or over your doorway to give guests a festive, fearsome surprise. Visitors might run, but like Romero says, he'll catch them later?that is, in their nightmares?

  • 6.6-ft. animated hanging clown for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Touch activated- Romero's eyes flash blue, plays creepy circus music, terrifyingly greets guests
  • Deep clown voice greets visitors with five frightening phrases
  • Phrase 1: "That's it? Come closer? I've got something for you, and it's not a balloon!" (evil laugh)
  • Phrase 2: "Go ahead, run away. I'll just catch up with you later in your nightmares!"
  • Phrase 3: "Hey? you look familiar. Maybe it's because I've been hiding under your bed!"
  • Phrase 4: "(Clanging sound) Oh, did I scare you? Good. You taste much better when you're scared! Hahahahah!
  • Phrase 5: "(Cymbal crashes) Right this way! The show is starting. We'd never DREAM of starting without you!
  • Poseable arms bend into a variety of scary positions
  • Colorful polka-dot clown costume and bright orange hair can't mask Romero's dark intentions
  • Pale clown hands emerge from silky suit
  • Hangs to fit eerily into your Halloween decor
  • 5 in. hanging loop
  • Red and white carnival tent hangs over figure
  • Battery-operated for convenient placement-battery pack located at back of head (3 AAA batteries not included)
  • Quick and easy assembly
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