Haunted Hill Farm 1.6-ft. Hanging Witch in Box, LED Red Eyes, Poseable, Battery, Orphelia


Be afraid. Be very afraid of Haunted Hill Farm's Haunted Curses and Cauldrons Collection. These blood curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, co-workers, or customers. Invite Orphelia the Witch to your home for the most cursed Halloween yet. The cackling hag's eyes flash a fearsome red as she beckons visitors near. Come closer, she says. She wants to see your future? I wouldn't get too close if I were you. Backed by stormy sounds and ominous music, Orphelia's snarky predictions and disturbingly cynical advice are sure to startle even the boldest of trick-or-treaters. Her arms and head sway beneath her dark witch costume, warning visitors of her unsettling powers. Hang the wicked witch and her crystal ball from your porch, in your doorway, or above a bowl of treats to give guests the fright of a lifetime. But be warned, your home might just be the most horrifying on the block.

  • 1.6-ft. animated hanging witch in box for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Touch activated- Orphelia's eyes flash red, arms and head sway, plays thunder sounds and ominous music, speaks
  • Cackling witch voice greets visitors with four frightening phrases
  • Phrase 1: "Come closer so that I may see your future??
  • Phrase 2: "My advice to you is, if you're too open minded, your brains may fall out! (wicked laugh)?
  • Phrase 3: "I sense someone wishes my advice?no, you are too close to me-step back a bit. Ah, now I can see you. Always remember, a conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good! Heeheeehee!?
  • Phrase 4: "You've come for my wisdom. I have but one recommendation for you?eat well and stay fit-you'll die anyway, but at least you'll look better! (laughs)?
  • Poseable arms bend into a variety of scary positions
  • Dressed in dark cloak and black witch hat
  • Sharp skeleton hands clutch "crystal ball? close to chest
  • Hangs to fit eerily into your Halloween decor
  • 4 in. hanging loop
  • Black and gray tent hangs above the figure
  • Gray skin, long tangled hair, toothy grin
  • Battery-operated for convenient placement-battery pack located in middle back (3 AA batteries not included)
  • Quick and easy assembly
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