The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Selecting the Perfect Artificial Tree

10/ 20/ 2022

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Selecting the Perfect Artificial Tree

We have all been there… searching and searching online for the perfect Artificial Christmas Tree but feeling overwhelmed by all of the results that pop up.

Buying a tree is a big purchase, and we know it can be hard to narrow down the options if you do not know what to look for. Not to worry, we’re here to help!

Choosing a Size

What size tree do you purchase for a room that has a standard 9-ft. ceiling height? Or, if you have vaulted ceilings? How much larger should you go so that you make sure the tree doesn’t look too small in your room? Take a look at our guide for details on how to choose the perfect size artificial tree for your space.

Less than 7-ft. / Potted & Porch Trees: These are best for doorway entries or hallways to add a festive accent without overcrowding the room.

7- 7.5-ft. Trees 7.5 Feet is our most popular tree height. Since most standard ceilings are 9-ft. high. A 7.5 foot tree gives you the ability to have a 12-in. tree topper and still have a few inches of clearance from your ceiling!

9-10-ft. Trees: This is best for 12 ft. ceilings or a standard vaulted ceiling.

12-ft. Tree: This is for anyone who has 14-ft. or double-story ceilings or above. The 12-ft. tree will make a statement in your home with plenty of room for a tree topper or other décor items. You will need to use a ladder to decorate, but it will be well worth it!

Mountain Pine, Foxtail Pine & Alaskan Pine come in the widest range of sizes: 6.5’, 7.5’, 9.0’, 10.0’, 12.0’

When searching for your tree from Fraser Hill Farm, customizing your tree is a breeze. Once you’ve decided on your artificial tree, choose from a variety of size and lighting options before adding to cart.

Finding your Shape

With a wide variety of options, we’ve developed a list of keywords to assist you in your search.

Full: Our most popular tree shape. These are regular full sized trees for a standard space in a living room, family room, or basement.

Shop Mountain PineFoxtail Pine, or Alaskan Pine.

Wide: A very full look, ideal for larger spaces.

Shop Centerville Pine and Oregon Pine.

Slim: These will be smaller in diameter if you are planning to put your tree in a tighter space.

Shop Buffalo Fir SlimMountain Pine Slim, or Carmel Pine Slim.

HalfLook like a full-shaped tree but fit against a flat wall to save space.

Shop Green Half Tree and Flocked Half Tree.

Finding your Style

For some, this is the easiest part of finding the perfect tree for your home! 

Green: These are designed to look the most like a natural tree. They contain the traditional green color that you would find on a tree farm.

Shop Foxtail PineCanyon Pine, or Carmel Pine Slim.

Lightly Flocked: These trees will have a lighter amount of the “faux snow” on the branches. This is great if you want a light frosted look.

Shop Buffalo Fir Slim or Alaskan Pine.

Heavily Flocked: These trees will have “faux snow” that heavily coats the branches. A flocked finish was designed to resemble freshly fallen snow that is true to season and produces a natural effect.

Shop Snowy PineSugar Hill, or Mountain Pine.

Unique: This is for all of our bold Christmas decorators! Unique trees do not match the typical color scheme of a green or snowy Christmas Tree – these trees will be fun in colors and sizes. If you are looking for glitter trees, black trees, pink trees, or white trees, you will find them in this category. Whether you prefer a half tree (so you don’t have to pretend to decorate the back of the tree) or something that's turned upside-down, you will want to search for unique trees to find your perfect pieces.

Musical Trees: These trees will pair the lights to your phone or speaker if you put your phone next to the control box. You'll be rocking around this Christmas Tree, for sure!

Finding Your Needle Type

There is a difference in the types of needles on artificial trees. Here is a breakdown:

PVC Needles: (Traditional, Least Realistic), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) offers a more-affordable option vs PE needles. While they can appear less realistic, they are fire-resistant and do not fade. PVC trees also offer a nostalgic feeling that people love around Christmas.

Mixed Branches (PVC with Hard Needles or PVC with PE Needles): (Realistic) Some of our trees include a mix of Hard Needles and PVC or a mix of PE and PVC to provide both a fuller, more realistic look at a more affordable price. The PVC brands act as a filler deeper inside the tree. You will notice that these trees are priced in between 100% PVC and 100% PE needle trees.

PE Needles: (Most Realistic) Polyethylene (PE) needles are the most realistic looking. They are made from the highest quality materials and make the branches thicker to match a real tree. They are typically more expensive but almost look like you just left the tree farm!

Most of our trees fall under either 100% PVC or a mixture of hard needles with PVC or a mixture of PE and PVC.

Choosing Your Light Configuration

Most tree styles will have multiple lighting options to best fit your needs. Whether you prefer traditional white lights or bold, multi-colored flashing lights, you will want to make sure to check the specs!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the following keywords when searching for your tree.

Unlit: This is a great option for people who simply can’t decide which lights to purchase! You can always string up your own lights if you change themes yearly or don’t want to commit to a specific light configuration.

Clear Smart String Lighting: If one bulb goes out, the light strand will still stay lit.

Warm White LED Lights: These are longer lasting, warm white lights with a brighter pigment in the bulb.

Multi-Color LED Lights: These are longer lasting, multi-colored lights with a brighter pigment in the bulb. If one bulb goes out, the whole strand will turn off.

Multi-Color Lumi Tunes Function:  Some of our multi-color tree options have a lumi tune function. This creates your own musical light show. The lights will move to the rhythm of the music planning on your phone

Most of our pre-lit trees are ez-connect, meaning when setting up, no need to plug each section of lights together, the lights are connected through the center of each tree section. No wires, no hassle - only one plug for the entire tree.

Picking Out Your Accessories

Who doesn’t love a good accessory? There are tons of ways to dress up your tree after you’ve picked your tree style and lighting configuration.

Whether you want a rustic theme or something more traditional, you can add festive elements to the tree to really make it stand out this Christmas. From tree skirts to ornament sets, there are so many options to get in the holiday spirit by decorating each year!

Have fun shopping for your next Christmas Tree!

Still unsure what direction to go? Give us a call or send us an email - we are happy to help! 

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