​Our Guide to Outdoor Party Décor: Birthdays, Baby Showers, and More!

5/ 25/ 2022

​Our Guide to Outdoor Party Décor: Birthdays, Baby Showers, and More!

Summer is the season of outdoor entertaining, and the warm weather is almost here! From birthdays to baby showers and graduation parties, we’re here with details and advice on a variety of outdoor get-togethers this summer. 

Let’s start with the most popular summer party – the outdoor birthday celebration! 

Summertime Birthday Party 

Planning to throw a party for a summer birthday? With beautiful weather and sunshine, summer birthdays are the perfect occasion to host a backyard get-together. And with our help, you'll have the perfect decorative pieces to use year after year. 

Outdoor Birthday Party Décor 

Decorations are very important when hosting an at-home birthday party, so we’ll make sure you’re all set with eye-catching pieces. If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, the Birthday Milestone Inflatable lets you celebrate in a big way. Including a convenient storage bag and everything you need for easy setup, this pre-lit inflatable is the perfect way to mark your house for guests to help them easily find your home. 

Cheers to 30 Years Inflatable Cheers to 50 Years Inflatable

If you’re not celebrating a 30th or a 50th birthday, Fraser Hill Farm has a variety of birthday décor pieces for all ages. From birthday cake inflatables to walkway arch inflatables, you can count on us for quality products on our special day. 

Walkway Arch Birthday Inflatable Bear and Bunny Inflatable Happy Birthday Cake

Baby Shower & Reveal Parties 

Hosting a baby shower or reveal party this summer? There are many things to consider when planning either of these baby-themed parties, so we’ll ensure that you’re ready to go when your guests arrive for the big day. 

What is a reveal party? 

For those looking to find out the sex of their baby in a bold way, gender reveal parties are a popular way to celebrate the news with friends and family. In fact, the news is often revealed through some sort of game or activity – and we’re ready with a few ideas! 

Is there a difference between a gender reveal party and a baby shower? 

While reveal parties are intended to surprise everyone with the sex of the baby (usually as a surprise to the parents and guests), baby showers are simply a get-together in honor of the baby, with no “big reveal.” 

Cutting the Cake 

This reveal party activity is a great, simple way to surprise everyone with the sex of the baby. Usually, the results from the doctor are enclosed in an envelope and given to a close friend, who organizes the party to keep the surprise from the parents. If you’re the one ordering the cake, simply tell the bakery which color you’d like the cake to be on the inside. Traditionally, parents tend to choose pink for a girl and blue for a boy. When describing what you’d like on the outside of the cake, most people tend to go with a white cake, or a mix of both colors. If you'd rather use cupcakes, fill them with a colored frosting and have each guest take a bite at the same time! When it’s time to reveal, have the parents cut into the cake for a surprise!

Boy or Girl Cake


For the balloons-in-a-box surprise, simply purchase helium balloons that correspond to the baby’s sex. These balloons can follow the traditional blue or pink association, or you can purchase Mylar balloons in various colors with the phrase “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” Place these balloons in a large box, gently seal shut, and have the parents open the box to reveal the balloons. 

Boy or Girl Reveal in a Box

Baby-Themed Decorations 

It's a Girl Inflatable It's a Boy InflatableBoy or Girl Inflatable

Graduation Party 

It's graduation season, and with graduation comes an abundance of parties! From decorations to food and drinks, graduation season certainly requires a great deal of planning.

Congrats Balloon

Bold Decorations for a Grad Party 

When it comes to decorations, you'll want something bold to help your guests easily locate your home. In fact, we adore this Graduation Party Arrow, which perfectly directs your guests to an unforgettable pool party, backyard get-together, or family celebration. 

Graduation Party Arrow Inflatable

Photos Through the Years 

If you're celebrating a high school graduation, we have the perfect decorating idea for you! If you have access to school photos of the graduate through the years, we recommend hanging these photos on clothespins to make a banner. You can also have these made online if you don't have access to the physical copies of the photos.

We wish you the best of luck in your summer party planning. Have fun decorating, and enjoy the warm weather!

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