​Know Your Needles: Benefits of PVC and PE Christmas Trees

12/ 3/ 2020

​Know Your Needles: Benefits of PVC and PE Christmas Trees

Christmas is just around the corner! 
As you begin your search for the perfect artificial Christmas tree and holiday décor, it’s important to make an informed decision on which style is best for you.
Whether you’re looking for a realistic tree or a statement holiday decoration, here is our guide to the benefits of PVC and PE tree needles.

General Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees:

When purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, you’ll adore the low maintenance and long-lasting use of your new holiday decoration. Not to mention, this excellent investment is far safer for pets than natural Christmas trees!

For more information, take a look at our full guide to the benefits of artificial Christmas trees.

Polyvinyl Chloride Needles (PVC):

Polyvinyl Chloride needles, or PVC, are the most commonly used style of needle among artificial Christmas trees, available in realistic and vibrant colors. These flat needles are cut to model the aesthetic of natural Christmas trees.

Cost Effective

First and foremost, PVC needles are a cost-effective choice when investing in an artificial Christmas tree. While natural trees traditionally range between 60 and 100 dollars per year, artificial trees allow you to make a one-time investment to use for years to come.

At Fraser Hill Farm, we carry a wide variety of artificial PVC trees, perfect for any price range. With PVC needles, you’ll enjoy an extensive collection of colors and styles with an affordable price tag.

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Unique Colors and Styles:

If you’re in search of an artificial tree with bright colors, PVC needles are the way to go! With a vibrant artificial Christmas tree, this playful holiday accessory will become the centerpiece of your holiday festivities.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant statement tree or a wintry tree flocked in artificial snow, Fraser Hill Farm has a wide selection of unique PVC trees for your holiday season.

Looking to invest in additional holiday decorations this year? Peruse our selection of wreaths and garlands, constructed with PVC needles.

Enjoy our extensive collection of Unique Christmas Trees.

Polyethylene Needles (PE):

Polyethylene needles, or PE, are a new model used in artificial Christmas trees, providing a hyper-realistic look and feel to your holiday tree. These needles are molded using a natural tree model, giving them a lifelike close-up appearance.

Realistic 3D Needles:

If you’re looking for a realistic alternative to natural Christmas trees, PE needles are your perfect choice. These needles are three-dimensional, compared to the flattened appearance of PVC needles.

Compared to PVC, PE needles are thicker and denser, providing an appearance that is indistinguishable from natural Christmas trees, without the maintenance and clean-up!

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Long-Lasting Use:

Both artificial PE and PVC Christmas trees provide long-lasting use, so you’ll be excited to display your tree year after year. While natural trees are a yearly expense, this one-time investment will become a staple of your holiday traditions.

Not to mention, our Christmas collection from Fraser Hill Farm includes coordinating holiday décor, perfect for achieving a cohesive Christmas aesthetic. With our trees and wreaths made with PE needles, you’ll enjoy long-lasting, matching décor for holidays to come.

Enjoy our selection of Artificial Christmas Trees.


Whether you choose an artificial tree with PVC or PE needles, we’re certain that you’ll adore your new holiday décor.

Have fun decorating!

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