How to Set Up an Inflatable to Get the Best Results

8/ 28/ 2023

How to Set Up an Inflatable to Get the Best Results

How to Set Up an Inflatable to Get the Best Results

Although setting up an inflatable seems to be very easy, it can be a little trickier to make sure it is in the best placement and is most secure. To make it last as long as possible, you want to take proper care of it. Understanding the best way to set it up, take it down, and make it look perfect is the best way to do it. Inflatables can be the easiest large decorations to put up and take down, if you want to start growing your collection, here are some of our favorites for Halloween!

BOO Inflatable

Skeleton Cat Inflatable 

Jack O Lantern Reaper Inflatable

Choose a location:

To get the most out of your inflatable, picking the perfect location is key! Choosing a location that is flat will allow the best chances of stability for the inflatable. Without flat ground there is a higher chance that your inflatable can fall over due to the wind. We include stakes with our inflatables to prevent that as well. Also, making sure there is an outlet nearby is important. If the cord is a little short, getting an extension cord can help reach a nearby outlet along with putting it in your desired spot. Don’t forget to check your outlets before fully setting up your inflatable. 

Set up:

First, move your inflatable to the spot in your lawn that you want it to be located. If the inflatable is new, keep the box and instructions that it came with. This will come in handy after the holiday is over to repack it for the next year. We include storage bags with your inflatable purchase for convenience. If your inflatable is older and has been in storage for the past year, look to make sure no holes have come about while in storage. Next make sure all the zippers are closed so no air can escape. Make sure the stakes are secure in the ground, and to give some extra power, use a hammer to push them deeper in the ground. If you are using sandbags, make sure they are secure to the inflatable, and you are ready to go. Plug the inflatable cord in and watch your inflatable come to life. During the season make sure to check in on it sporadically to make sure nothing is going wrong, and nothing needs to be tightened. 

Finishing touches:

Once you have your inflatable blown up, if you want to take out some of the wrinkles, our pro tip is to use a steamer to help get those wrinkles out and make it look perfect. If you’re taking it out of storage and you notice that there are some stains on the inflatable, you can take warm soapy water and it should come right off.

Putting it away

Taking down the inflatable should be very quick and easy to do with having the box or storage bag saved. Once all the air is out, fold up the inflatable and put it back in the box. For the stakes, it is recommended to put them in a separate zip bag to not get the inflatable dirty or have it poke any holes through.

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