​How to Enjoy a Festive & Cozy December Night

12/ 14/ 2021

​How to Enjoy a Festive & Cozy December Night

As you prepare for the holidays, it is important to take some time for yourself! In order to have a cozy night at home during the holiday season, we have a variety of excellent activities to get in the holiday spirit.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bar

There is no better way to enjoy a cozy night at home than with a mug of hot chocolate! If you plan to invite a few friends over for a festive evening, you’ll want to create a make-your-own hot chocolate bar.

What You’ll Need:

-Tray or cart for supplies and ingredients

-Mason jars or containers

-Mugs or to-go cups


-Utensils for serving

-Hot chocolate (packets or your own homemade recipe)

-Toppings: marshmallows, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, truffles, etc.

To set up your hot chocolate bar, sort all your toppings into containers or mason jars, and label accordingly. Add utensils to your toppings for serving. Add your hot chocolate to the tray or cart (we recommend a crock pot and ladle if you choose to follow a homemade recipe). Finally, add any décor to your cart for an extra festive touch (pinecones, Christmas lights, etc.), and you’re all set!

Visit Local Christmas Lights

If you’re looking to feel like you’re living in a holiday movie, visiting Christmas lights is an enjoyable way to get in the spirit. Whether you live in a large city or a small town, walking or driving through festive neighborhoods will bring endless holiday cheer. In some cases, you can even look online to find extra-festive houses in your area!

And if you’re feeling inspired by all the beautiful lights, consider starting your own collection of outdoor décor! With eye-catching LED light decorations from Fraser Hill Farm, you’ll transform your home into a winter wonderland. Take a look at the collection of outdoor LED light décor.

Listen to Christmas Music

Although this is a simple way to get into the holiday spirit, listening to Christmas tunes is the perfect addition to a cozy winter night. In fact, there are a variety of holiday playlists on music streaming applications, like Spotify and Apple Music. Simply search for a holiday playlist, and let the festivities begin! And if you are feeling creative, add your favorite Christmas songs to your own playlist to use for years to come.

For an alternative to Christmas playlists, vinyl records provide a vintage aesthetic that is perfect for Christmastime. If you have a record player and a few holiday albums, enjoy a warm mug of hot chocolate while you listen to your favorite tunes!

Do-It-Yourself Projects

While you have likely decorated your Christmas tree already, there’s always room for a little bit of last-minute decorating with our favorite do-it-yourself crafts! From homemade candle holders to floral centerpieces, these projects are the perfect way to spend a night inside.

Take a look at our favorite DIY projects here, including a few kid-friendly ideas.

Experiment With Unique Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is certainly a time-consuming task during the holiday season, so why not experiment with unique ways to decorate your gifts? Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

1.Fabric (Furoshiki Folding Method)

Interested in a wrapping challenge this Christmas? The Furoshiki fabric folding method is a Japanese wrapping technique, ideal for those in search of an eco-friendly and stylish wrapping alternative. Whether you use your existing fabric or purchase some at the craft store of thrift shop, this option is an excellent way to incorporate sustainability into your holiday traditions.

Take a look at step-by-step instructions for the Furoshiki method here.

2.Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper

With kraft paper and a few holiday stamps, you can create one-of-a-kind paper of your gifts. Simply create a pattern or design and stamp your kraft paper accordingly with the ink colors of your choice. Let dry, and you’re ready to wrap your presents!

Watch a Christmas Movie (Or Several)!

With an endless number of Christmas movies available, you’ll have no trouble choosing the perfect film for a cozy night at home. Available on streaming services or cable channels like Freeform and Hallmark, you’ll have your choice from a variety of classics.

If you need a few ideas, here are some of our favorites.

1. The Polar Express

2.The Nightmare Before Christmas

3.The Year Without a Santa Claus

4.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

5.Home Alone

6.It’s A Wonderful Life


We hope you enjoy your festive night at home during the holiday season. Time to grab your hot chocolate, put on your comfiest outfit, and listen to your favorite Christmas song!

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