Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas

3/ 23/ 2021

Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner! As you prepare for the holiday of pastel colors and chocolate bunnies, you’re likely looking for unique ways to spice up a traditional Easter basket. As the perfect gift for adults and kids alike, Easter baskets are a personal way to show your holiday spirit this spring.

Before getting started... have you ever wondered where Easter baskets originated? 

We have, so we thought we'd share a bit about the history of the Easter basket...In a period forty days before Easter, Christians would practice the well-known tradition of Lent, during which many participants would forgo various foods and delicacies. Following this fasting period, Christians would often hold a large feast on Easter Day, symbolic of their efforts throughout the Lenten fast. On their way to the church, many Christians carried this holiday feast in baskets to be blessed by priests, hence the modern day enjoyment of baskets on Easter.

You might be wondering: what about the Easter bunny?

The concept of the Easter bunny stems from German tradition, which designated the rabbit as a symbol of the holiday. Brought to the United States of America by German immigrants, the concept has remained a staple of our contemporary Easter Holiday.

And now, onto our creative Easter basket ideas!

Start With Creating a Theme for Your Basket

When curating the perfect Easter basket, you’ll want to consider keeping a theme for your holiday creation. Not only will a theme provide your basket with a cohesive appearance, but it also adds a personal touch for your recipient.

Whether you plan to fill your basket with arts and crafts, spa-day necessities, or gardening supplies, we’re certain that your Easter basket theme will take your holiday to the next level.

And if you’re looking for further inspiration when creating your basket, take a look at our Easter-themed collection from Fraser Hill Farm. From extravagant outdoor inflatables to adorable rabbit figurines, we’re certain that you’ll adore our festive Easter décor.

Peruse the collection of Easter decorations here.

Find Something Unique to be Your “Basket”

If you’re in search of a few non-traditional ideas for this year’s Easter basket, we recommend replacing your classic woven basket with something more unique.

For kids: If you plan to travel to the beach this summer, we suggest replacing your basket with a sand bucket and shovel. Perfect for a beach-themed Easter basket, this unique idea provides an excellent alternative to a traditional basket, while getting everyone excited for summer!

For adults: If you’re planning to deliver a basket to a friend with a green thumb, we suggest swapping a traditional basket for a stunning indoor plant. By adding a color-coordinated ribbon and a few extra treats along with the plant, your recipient will enjoy this excellent alternative for weeks to come.

For a smaller option: If you’re looking for a smaller-scale basket, we recommend decorating mason jars and filling them with Easter candy and goodies. Not only is this a great alternative if you’re planning to deliver several baskets, but the recipient can also reuse this jar after the holiday comes to a close.

How to Place the Items in Your Basket

Once you’ve chosen a theme for your Easter basket, it’s important to place the items in an appealing manner. When wrapping your basket, we suggest a few key supplies to make the process simple and easy. By lining your basket with Easter grass and overwrapping your gift in cellophane, you’ll create a professional-looking display with a beautiful presentation.

Additionally, by placing larger items towards the back and smaller gifts towards the front, you’ll ensure that your recipient will easily find each and every treat.

Creating a Festive Atmosphere at Home

While most of us are likely staying home this Easter, there are still a variety of ways to create a festive environment during the holiday. In addition to your Easter baskets, we suggest investing in high-quality Easter decorations to use year after year.

With stunning décor from Fraser Hill Farm, you’ll enjoy a variety of seasonal decorations for any style or aesthetic. Whether you plan to add an Easter-themed wreath to your front door or invest in some adorable figurines, your Easter decorations from Fraser Hill Farm will become the focal point of your home this holiday.

Take a look at the variety of timeless decorations here.


As the weather gets warmer and Easter quickly approaches, we hope you look forward to creating your unique baskets this year. No matter how you choose to curate your basket, we’re certain that your loved ones will adore the beautiful presentation and thoughtfulness of your gift.

Happy Easter!

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