5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Thanksgiving Tablescape

11/ 23/ 2020

5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is just a few days away!

As you gather your ingredients and prepare for a delicious holiday dinner, it’s important to consider spicing up your traditional decorations. 

Here are our five simple tips for creating the ultimate thanksgiving tablescape.

1. Statement Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to create an elaborate Thanksgiving tablescape, a statement centerpiece is the perfect accessory to your holiday decorating this year. With a festive centerpiece, you’ll love transforming your dining room into a beautiful autumn aesthetic.

With fall harvest decorations from Fraser Hill Farm, you’ll enjoy beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces with a simple set-up. Complete with artificial pumpkins, pinecones, and bright autumn leaves, our Thanksgiving Centerpieces are a quick and festive way to achieve a perfect holiday tablescape.

Peruse our collection of statement Thanksgiving centerpieces:

[[825, 823, 957, 958]]

2. Festive Place Cards

If you’re in need of a special addition to your tablescape this year, place cards are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving place settings. Whether you’re a fan of traditional paper place cards or something more unique, your family will adore these memorable decorations! Take a look at this article to get started on your festive project.

If you’re searching for inspiration for your ideal decorating aesthetic this season, peruse our collection of harvest décor from Fraser Hill Farm. With beautiful autumn colors and artificial leaves, you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect Thanksgiving style.

Enjoy the variety of harvest décor:

[[960, 959, 954, 949]]

3. Candles, Candles, Candles!

If you’re in need of a subtle way to improve your traditional Thanksgiving tablescape, candles are an excellent touch to your holiday décor. Not only are candles a charming addition to your tablescape, but they also make your home feel warm and inviting!

In need of some decorating inspiration this year? Take a look at our collection of Candle Holder Centerpieces from Fraser Hill Farm, perfect for achieving an elegant Thanksgiving style. With these stunning autumnal arrangements, you can add any scent and shape candles you desire!

If you’re interested in taking your decorating to the next level, take a look at our coordinating wreaths and garlands to spice up your entire home.

[[948, 947, 946]]

4. Coordinating Decor

While this may seem like an obvious tip, a cohesive style is an ideal way to create the ultimate Thanksgiving aesthetic. By expanding your holiday decorating throughout your home this year, you’ll develop a collection of festive décor to use for years to come.

With coordinating Thanksgiving decorations from Fraser Hill Farm, you’ll have no trouble finding cohesive décor this holiday season. With matching wreaths, garlands, and a variety of harvest decorations, you’ll enjoy a one-stop-shop for all of your decorating needs!

Want to make a bold statement this year? Our artificial Maple Trees are the perfect way to create a vibrant touch to your home.

[[951, 950, 824, 822]]

5. Autumn Flowers

Are you in search of a rustic and creative way to improve your traditional Thanksgiving tablescape? If you’re looking to improve your floral arrangement skills, you’ll love experimenting with flowers this holiday season! Take a look at this article for a variety of stunning Thanksgiving floral arrangement ideas.

Looking to expand this floral theme beyond your tablescape? Browse through our variety of artificial floral wreaths and garlands from Fraser Hill Farm. Whether you enjoy vibrant peonies and dahlias or delicate hydrangeas, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect accessory for your floral tablescape.

Take a look at the collection:

[[953, 956, 952,]]


As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we hope you enjoy these five simple tips for creating the ultimate holiday tablescape. 

Time to get creative!

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