5 Delicious Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas

2/ 4/ 2021

5 Delicious Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas

5 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Whether you plan to have a romantic evening or spend the night with a few close friends, you’ll need some delicious treats to make your holiday complete. And while many of us are likely staying home this Valentine’s Day, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a memorable evening with loved ones.

First things first: Why are sweets associated with Valentine’s Day?

For decades, we’ve come to associate chocolate and other sweets with the romantic holiday, but you may wonder - why chocolate? While it’s considered a sign of affection and appreciation to gift food and treats to one another, the traditional “box of chocolates” originated with Richard Cadbury, who developed a heart-shaped box covered in flowers and drawings of Cupid. After the chocolates were enjoyed, these boxes could then store love letters and other tokens of affection.

And now, enjoy our five favorite dessert recipes, perfect for this love-filled holiday.

1. White Chocolate Fondue

With this delicious and customizable recipe, you’ll enjoy a festive treat tailored to your taste buds. Complete with various fruits and snacks of your choice for dipping, this simple recipe is an ideal way to replicate a restaurant-quality experience in the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for inspiration on your dipping choices, we suggest strawberries, raspberries, vanilla pound cake, and shortbread cookies.

Enjoy the recipe here.

Looking for a wine to pair with white chocolate? 

We recommend a sweet wine or rosé to perfectly complement the white chocolate. And for a festive addition to your cooking, consider experimenting with this recipe for champagne white chocolate fondue.

White chocolate fondue

2. Flourless Chocolate Cake

If you’re looking for a culinary challenge, this recipe for flourless chocolate cake is your perfect match. While this dessert requires some baking experience, experimenting with this scrumptious recipe is an enjoyable way to spend an evening at home.

Enjoy the recipe here.

Looking for a wine to pair with chocolate cake? 

To bring out the richness of this chocolate-filled treat, we recommend pairing this dessert with a dark red wine for an excellent complement to your decadent cake.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

Who doesn’t love chocolate-covered strawberries? As a fun and playful twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day treat, this dessert is the ideal accessory for night at home with friends. Complete with fresh strawberries and a rich chocolate ganache, this recipe is the perfect activity for a relaxing night at home.

Whether you use a boxed brownie mix or experiment with a homemade recipe, we’re certain that you’ll want to enjoy these treats for years to come.

Take a look at the recipe here.

4. Red Velvet Cheesecake Bites

You can never go wrong with red velvet! Not only does this recipe bring a unique twist on traditional cheesecake, but the vibrant red velvet color makes this dessert an ideal treat for Valentine’s Day. With a creamy interior coated in delectable red velvet crumbs, we promise that you’ll want to add this dessert to your recipe book.

Enjoy the recipe here.

Looking for a wine to pair with cheesecake? 

And for a special touch to your evening, we recommend pairing these red velvet cheesecake bites with the chardonnay of your choice.

5. Pink Champagne Truffles

Looking for a boozy treat this Valentine’s Day? Not only are these treats perfect for a traditional Valentine’s Day aesthetic, these scrumptious truffles are the ideal accessory to a glass of champagne or fruity cocktail. Complete with a champagne frosting, we’re certain that you’ll want to enjoy these truffles all year long.

Take a look at the recipe here.

Decorate Your Table For An Enticing Valentine's Day Dessert Spread 

After choosing one of these delicious desserts, you’ll want to spice up your living space with a festive tablescape.

Here are a few of our top tips for creating a romantic atmosphere in your dining room.

Floral Centerpiece

In order to replicate a restaurant experience in the comfort of your home, we recommend investing in a petite floral centerpiece, or creating one yourself. With this stunning addition to your table, you’ll transform your dining room into a romantic Valentine’s Day aesthetic. Whether you choose natural or artificial flowers for your décor, you’ll love enjoying this piece when the holiday is over.

Coordinating Colors

Whether you plan to have dinner with your significant other or a few close friends, it’s important to make your night feel extraordinary. By coordinating your tablecloth, napkins, and place settings, we’re certain that you’ll achieve a restaurant-style experience.

If you’re looking to spice up a girls night, consider creating handmade place cards at each place setting for a memorable touch to your evening.

Creating a Good Ambience

Once you’ve completed your holiday tablescape, it’s important to create a romantic ambience for your special night. Although a simple addition to your table, candles are an excellent way to create a charming atmosphere for the evening. Whether you prefer a statement candle centerpiece or smaller tealights, you’ll certainly adore the romance of a dinner by candlelight.

If you’re looking for more inspiration in creating an ambience this Valentine’s Day, take a look at our in-depth article on organizing a romantic holiday at home.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our dessert recipes and tips on creating a memorable Valentine’s Day! Although it’s likely that most of us are staying in this year, there are still a variety of ways to make this holiday special at home.

It’s time to grab your ingredients, and enjoy the romantic holiday!

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