10 Best Scary Halloween Decorations and Props You Can Buy For Your Home

8/ 24/ 2021

10 Best Scary Halloween Decorations and Props You Can Buy For Your Home

Believe it or not, spooky season is quickly approaching! As we swap our swimsuits for sweaters and look forward to pumpkin spice lattes, it’s important to get a head start on this year’s Halloween decorating.

For our best tips (and tricks) on Halloween decorations and props, look no further. We’ve got you covered with unique ideas to make your home stand out.

When do you start decorating your home for Halloween?

While you can begin setting up your Halloween props and decorations in late September, most people tend to start decorating their homes in the beginning of October to wait for the crisp autumn weather. That being said, if you plan to invest in new Halloween décor, you’ll want to make your purchases well in advance.

Halloween Decor - Lighting

What Halloween party décor really impresses guests?

Whether you’d like to follow a creepy decorating theme or keep your home more lighthearted, we recommend incorporating background elements into your design to create a spooky environment. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

1. Lights

Whether you prefer string light or statement light fixtures, Halloween lights are an excellent way to bring some cohesion into your space for the holiday. Not to mention, decorative lights help to emphasize your color scheme, which creates an impressive space for entertaining guests.

For statement light fixtures, consider investing in some LED light shapes from Haunted Hill Farm, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in a variety of Halloween-themed shapes, these decorations create a unique display, while also attracting trick-or-treaters to your home on Halloween night. 

Visit here for some of our favorite Halloween decorations. 

2. Fog

If you’re looking to take your decorating to the next level this year, a fog machine is the way to go. Perfect for your porch or open garage, fog machines provide guests and visitors with a chilling Halloween experience, and adds a spooky element to your overall display.

3. Sound Effects

Although they are very simple additions to your space, music and sound effects are important pieces of your Halloween decorating. For Halloween-themed music, we suggest searching through pre-made playlists on a music streaming service or finding a spooky playlist on YouTube. For sound effects, we recommend a YouTube compilation video of Halloween sounds, like creaky doors and ghost noises. Once you’ve found a video or playlist, we recommend listening ahead of time to ensure that the content is the right fit for your home.

Spooky Halloween Foods That Will Amaze Your Guests

If you’re in search of food ideas for guests, many people enjoy going all out on desserts. Although Halloween is traditionally filled with candy and packaged sweets, there are still ways to incorporate fall flavors into your dinners or homemade desserts. In fact, pumpkin and cinnamon and two delicious and versatile fall flavors. For some inspiration, enjoy these recipes for pumpkin spice cupcakes and pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

Are you the type of person that decorates your yard?

Before purchasing your Halloween décor, you’ll want to consider whether you want to decorate the interior or exterior of your home (or both)! While indoor decorations often consist of smaller items, outdoor decorating is a great way to create a noticeable and eye-catching display for your neighborhood to enjoy.

Decorating Your Yard With Inflatable Décor

Haunted Hill Farm Inflatables

For an impressive decoration with a simple set-up process, you’ll want to consider investing in some outdoor inflatables for your yard. For high-quality inflatables and a large collection of styles to choose from, you’ll want to peruse the inflatable collection from Haunted Hill Farm. Designed with a simple set up process and convenient storage throughout the year, these inflatable decorations are created with durable, weather resistant polyester. From jack-o-lanterns to spiders, these amusing decorations will certainly bring your Halloween decorating to life year after year. 

Take a look at the complete collection of Inflatables  here.

What are some sophisticated Halloween decorations?

If you’re looking to truly frighten visitors this Halloween, Haunted Hill Farm has you covered with décor that is both sophisticated and scary. Our favorite modern props are:

  • Animatronics: For a lively addition to your Halloween decorating, animatronic décor is the perfect way to give your friends and trick-or-treaters a good scare. Designed with light-up eyes, arm and mouth movement, and creepy sounds, these life-like creatures will not go unnoticed.
  • Crawlers: If you’d like to bring your yard to life this year, crawlers are your go-to decoration. As one of the creepiest Halloween accessories available, these decorations move and make noise as they appear to crawl from underground. Guaranteed to terrify your visitors, crawlers from Haunted Hill Farm are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Groundbreakers: For a unique and contemporary decoration, these blood-curdling groundbreakers will quickly become the focal point of your Halloween decorating. Designed with light-up eyes, movement, and scary sounds, these accessories appear to emerge from the ground to terrify your guests.

Buying or DIY-ing Your Own Decorations?

While we recommend purchasing your statement decorations to guarantee long-lasting use, we suggest DIY-ing your Halloween treats and centerpieces if you plan on inviting guests over for dinner. If you have a talent for floral arranging, you’ll want to consider creating a few arrangements to complement your decorating color palette. For a few DIY ideas, take a look at this article for floral arrangement inspiration during the Halloween season. Not to mention, these centerpieces add a mature and sophisticated touch to your holiday decorating.

What is the scariest Halloween prop?

Although there are a variety of frightening Halloween props and decorations, you can’t go wrong with an animatronic. Whether you choose to set up your decoration inside your home or in your front yard, these battery-powered pieces are certain to scare every trick-or-treater. For an extra special touch, you may want to consider installing your animatronic right behind your bowl of candy, so each visitor gets a good scare upon reaching into the bowl for candy.

What is a fun way to greet trick-or-treaters?

When creating a fun experience for trick-or-treaters, we recommend greeting them in costume. Whether you plan to go all out with your outfit or just wear a few simple accessories, this is an excellent way to greet your visitors. If you don’t plan to be home on Halloween evening, we suggest setting up a table with candy or treats for each trick-or-treater, as this provides them with a fun experience even though you’re not home to greet them.

As the weather gets colder and we prepare for the Halloween season, we hope you’ve enjoyed our best tips on Halloween decorating. We’re certain you’ll have the spookiest house on the block!

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