Patriotic Outdoor Decor  Ideas

5/ 7/ 2021

Patriotic Outdoor Decor Ideas

Patriotic Outdoor Décor Ideas

With a multitude of festive, USA-themed holidays, summer is the perfect time to show off your patriotic pride. With Memorial Day in late May, Independence Day in July, and Labor Day in early September, these celebrations allow you to make the most of your patriotic decorations!

What is Memorial Day?

Observed on the last Monday in May, Memorial Day is a federal holiday that commemorates, mourns, and honors those who have passed during their service in the United States Armed Forces. Traditionally celebrated by placing American flags on the graves of these fallen soldiers, most Americans take off from work and school in honor of the celebration.

Why do people celebrate Memorial Day with patriotic decorations?

In celebration of these fallen soldiers throughout history, many people enjoy decorating their homes with patriotic décor to honor the country’s history. While many Americans adorn their homes and yards with the United States flag, others enjoy decorating with a red, white, and blue color-scheme in celebration of the holiday.

In fact, the holiday has recently become synonymous with a celebratory weekend at the beach. Complete with outdoor decorations, beach activities, firework celebrations, the beautiful weather makes Memorial Day the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer with friends and family.

What are traditional ways people celebrate?

When celebrating Memorial Day, many Americans visit cemeteries and military bases to honor and mourn the loss of the country’s fallen soldiers. Since many people take off work and most schools are not in session in observance of the holiday, it has become tradition to hold outdoor parties and celebrations to show patriotic pride.

When holding a Memorial Day celebration, it’s essential to invest in festive decorations to take your party to the next level. With the American Flag Outdoor Inflatable from Fraser Hill Farm, you’ll transform your yard into a USA-themed celebration. Not to mention, this decoration is ideal for any patriotic holiday.

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What is Independence Day?

Independence Day, or the 4th of July, is an American holiday that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. The declaration provided independence from Britain to the original thirteen colonies, which many Americans enjoy celebrating each year on its anniversary.

Why do people celebrate Independence Day?

Complete with fireworks, outdoor barbeques and parties, and patriotic decorations, Independence Day is known for its large-scale celebrations. Since the holiday occurs in the middle of the summer, many Americans celebrate the declaration’s anniversary by spending time with friends and family in the warm, sunny weather.

What are traditional ways to celebrate the 4th of July?

When celebrating the 4th of July, many people enjoy attending large parades and firework displays, along with hosting smaller home gatherings and barbeques. Like Memorial Day, most people follow a red, white and blue color-scheme, and usually wear a patriotic-themed outfit to celebrate!

For those hosting at-home gatherings for this year’s Independence Day, it’s important to spice up your yard with a few outdoor decorations. With the Uncle Sam Inflatable from Fraser Hill Farm, your guests will experience a festive welcome to your 4th of July celebration! With simple set-up and a convenient bag for storage, you’ll enjoy a stress-free summer celebration.

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What is Labor Day?

Observed on the first Monday in September, Labor Day is a federal holiday intended to honor the work of the American labor movement, acting as a celebration of American workers and their achievements throughout history. Many people consider this holiday to be representative of the conclusion of the summer season, as it occurs at the beginning of the school year.

Why do people celebrate Labor Day?

While Labor Day is lesser known for large-scale celebrations compared to Memorial Day and Independence Day, the holiday allows most Americans to enjoy a day off from work or school. In fact, many people enjoy hosting celebrations to commemorate the end of the summer, often at the beach or pool. In honor of the American workers, the holiday provides an enjoyable and relaxing day off for many people in the United States.

How do people traditionally celebrate Labor Day?

Occurring at the end of the summer, most Labor Day celebrations are held outside, making the most of the warm weather before the autumn season approaches. Many Americans take this holiday as an opportunity to make one final trip to the beach for the summer, often holding patriotic gatherings with friends and family. Complete with outdoor activities and décor, this holiday allows many Americans to display their patriotic pride and honor the American workers!

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As summer quickly approaches and the weather gets warmer, we hope you enjoy your patriotic celebrations. Enjoy the fireworks, outdoor celebrations, and of course, the red, white, and blue!

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