5 Tips For a Drive-By Birthday Celebration

2/ 11/ 2021

5 Tips For a Drive-By Birthday Celebration

5 Tips to Hosting a Drive-By Birthday Party

With the importance of social distancing, drive-by birthday parties are an enjoyable way to hold a celebration while keeping yourself and others safe. These drive-by parties have become increasingly popular over the past year, as they provide a health-conscious alternative to traditional indoor celebrations.

If you plan to celebrate a birthday in the near future, here are our five best tips for hosting a drive-by birthday party!

Tip 1: Decorate your yard

When hosting a drive-by birthday party, it’s important to create a celebratory atmosphere as guests arrive outside. Outdoor decorations and signs are an excellent way to make the most of your special occasion, and they help transform your yard into a perfect photo-op.

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Tip 2: Plan a time for the birthday party parade to drive by

Although a socially-distanced party is unique compared to traditional celebrations, it’s important to choose a distinct time frame for your guests’ arrival. By planning a window of time for people to drive by, the guest of honor can properly greet each car as they arrive over the span of a few hours. Additionally, a wider time frame for your guests’ arrival helps prevent the overcrowding of your street and driveway during the birthday celebration.

Tip 3: Send out invitations to friends and family

Whether you prefer handmade or electronic invitations, you’ll want to ensure that each guest receives a festive invitation to your event. In your invitations, it’s important to provide details of the drive-by birthday party, including the date, time frame, and your address. And since you’re hosting a socially-distanced event, we recommend detailing your mask-wearing policy in your invitation, as well.

If you’re looking for inspiration, enjoy this article detailing a variety of handmade invitation styles.

In addition to festive invitations, you’ll want to consider encouraging your guests to decorate their cars, in order to make the most of this special occasion. Whether you provide your guests with a decorating theme or provide them with free reign, car decorations are an excellent way to take your birthday party to the next level.

Tip 4: Set up a table for gifts and party favors

Spice up your drive-by celebration with adorable party favors and treats for your guests! Although your guests are only stopping by for a short time, you’ll want to consider handing out treats or party favors for them to enjoy on the ride home. Whether you prefer homemade sweets or store-bought goodies, we’re certain that your guests will appreciate the special touch.

If your guests plan to bring birthday gifts, it’s especially important to set up an outdoor gift table. By setting up a gift table, this allows people to drop off presents and pick up party favors while maintaining proper social distancing.

Tip 5: Take a lot of photos. This will be an unforgettable birthday for your loved one.

With a busy birthday celebration ahead, it’s important to remember to take a lot of photos throughout the special day. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, you’ll definitely want to look back on the memories of this unforgettable celebration.

If you’re in search of a unique way to spice up traditional photos, investing in a few disposable cameras is a memorable way to document your special day. Not only are disposable cameras perfect for capturing one-of-a-kind moments, but you’ll also enjoy looking back on these memories when you develop the photos.


In the age of social distancing, it’s important to make your loved one feel just as special this year as any year with your unique birthday celebration.

We wish you the best in your drive-by birthday party!

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